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Unique hotel with the world's smallest full-service rooms

Zirka Hotel breaks two of the world's records for hotels. Some of its hostel rooms offer just 1.5 square meters (16 sq.ft) per person, the smallest full-service rooms hotel rooms in the world. Zirka Hotel also features some private rooms which are just 5.5 square meters (60 sq.ft), including the ensuite bathroom - that's the world's smallest full-service rooms.

Zirka Hotel has very few such smallest, world-record breaking rooms. Most rooms in the hotel are of the normal size, far from the smallest. Still, Zirka Hotel has the unique charm of twice the "world's only" hotel.

Ukraine is not the most expensive country around, and Zirka Hotel sports the world's smallest full-service rooms just for the sake of setting the world record rather than to achieve the extreme savings. The small rooms, however, allow our guests to enjoy the lowest rates in Odessa among the comfortable hotels.

Наш адрес

Отель «Зирка-2»
г. Одесса, ул.Кузнечная 59.
Телефон: (38) 048 700 - 03 - 43,
Факс: (38) 048 700 - 03 - 43.

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