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Pickup of ladies in Odessa

Odessa ladies are possibly the most beautiful in the world – and inexpensive to date. You can approach ladies anywhere in Odessa: in the streets, shops, cafes, or nightclubs. There are several online dating services with tens of thousands of members from Odessa.

There is little visual difference between the ladies who ply their trade at Odessa's discos and the ladies who came there for fun. Both types expect you to buy a cocktail or two for them, and it's a waste of money to buy them more than a couple of drinks. Odessa's discos are very liberal: you can talk to girls, offer them drinks, and touch them. As a practical matter, love professionals concentrate at bars rather than dancing. If unsure whether a particular lady is a prostitute, go ahead and offer her money; even in the worst case, she's not going to break a bottle of beer on your head. Odessa's police are unconcerned with sexual harassment, and in fact such concept is unknown in Odessa.

Beware of the female professionals in Odessa who exhibit readiness to go with you but ask you to wait a few hours while they dance. Invariably, they will keep you paying for their drinks and then leave without you. A lot of such small-time scams go on at Odessa's discos.

Odessa's high-end prostitutes charge $100-200 for two hours. You can get a girl from $50 for 1.5 hours by calling numerous ads in Odessa's free newspapers. Never go to the girl's apartment. There is no problem inviting girls to your hotel room. There are many sauna establishments in Odessa; all of them can call the girls for you. Though prostitution is illegal in Odessa, it remains widely tolerated.

You can also start a romantic affair in Odessa. The girls rarely demand exclusivity on your part, nor do they offer you an exclusive relationship. Of course, both you and the girl profess to be in love with one another and to look at no one else. Dating is inherently more expensive in Odessa than prostitution, and also more time-consuming. Expect to date the girl for two to three days before having sex with her. You don't have to spend much time with the girl on each occasion: an hour at the disco, a gift and restaurant tomorrow, and a bar the next day should suffice. If that proves not enough, tell her you're looking for Ukrainian wife; that should do. Learn a few words in Odessa's slang; girls love it.

Don't try to seduce a girl in Odessa with alcohol. Drinking is common in Ukraine, and the girl is likely a better drinker than you are. She can wind up hauling your body home, a sight sometimes encountered in Odessa at night.

There are no practical age restrictions at Odessa's discos, and expect 14-year-olds dancing and drinking at night. Underage sex is theoretically criminalized but widespread. Beware, however, of the rare instances where underage girls lure you into the bedroom and then their parents or boyfriends blackmail you. In such cases, it's safer to pay to police. Note that such scam artists often work together with low-rank police officers who can threaten to arrest you. Tell them to arrest you and bring to police precinct. You can always pay the police there, but in most cases scam artists won't go that far. The hotel's liaison, available through the hotel's desk for a fee, will extricate you from difficult situations.

Sexually transmitted diseases are widespread in Odessa and HIV level is alarmingly high. No reasonable girl in Odessa will engage in unprotected casual sex.


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