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Various hotels in Odessa

Hotels in Odessa fall into several categories. Inexpensive hotels priced below $100 are generally Soviet-era hostels. Thinly renovated, such hotels remain unsuitable for human habitation. They have no room ventilation or airconditioning, heating is inefficient, and windows don't close tightly and thus allow dust and noise into the hotel room. Bathroom fittings are sometimes forty years old. Cheap hotels in Odessa often have power and water outages, and no elevators. Staff in such hotels is usually unfriendly and doesn't speak foreign languages. Many old hotels in Odessa are located away from the city center near overcrowded Arcadia district. Traffic jams are common in Odessa, and getting from such hotel to the city center can take an hour or more. Even the expensive antique hotels in Odessa retain the described shortcomings.

There are several new hotels in Odessa, priced at $130-500. Such hotels technically conform to Western standards, though housekeeping in the hotels is often dismal and food quality well below one's expectations for a four-star hotel. Some four-star hotels are located inconveniently from pedestrian areas or, on the contrary, in pedestrian areas away from the roads.

Every inexpensive hotel in Odessa other than Zirka is either a thinly renovated Soviet-era hostel, or is located outside the Odessa city center and therefore subjects its guests to huge traffic jams common in Odessa.


«Zirka-2» Hotel
Kuznechnaya street 59, Odessa Ukraine.
Phone: (38) 048 700 - 03 - 43.

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