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Nightlife in Odessa

Odessa is renown for its nightlife. Unlike Moscow and Kiev, Odessa is a relatively small city, and all of Odessa's nightlife attractions are easily accessible. People often switch several nightclubs before dawn. Prices for nightlife entertainment are much lower in Odessa than in Kiev or Moscow.

Arcadia district is the best place for summer nightlife in Odessa. Teeming with dozens of discos, nightclubs, and bars, the area provides ample opportunities for visitors of Odessa. The place is very crowded during weekend, and the most popular nightclubs in Odessa are already full by 11pm. You can always sneak in by giving a $10 bill to security guys.

In winter, there are many nightclubs in Odessa city center, as the town is bustling with nightlife. Popularity of nightclubs in Odessa changes often; ask about the currently popular clubs at the hotel reception. In terms of pickup, you would prefer Odessa's cheaper clubs.

Nightlife in Odessa is inexpensive. For most nightclubs, admittance is below $10, and drinks cost $3-8. Almost all nightclubs in Odessa play loud music and smoking is allowed. Security is very good and, though many people get drunk, incidents are few. Ready yourself to many unusual things in Odessa nightlife: very liberal attitude to touching the girls, limited female clothing, common drinking, and many underage guests.

Striptease is not popular in Odessa. Indeed, why pay for something which is widely available free? There are several strip bars in Odessa, including nude. All strip bars in Odessa serve alcohol. Entrance fee is about $20 and tips for lap dance are $2. Strip dancers ask for $200-300 per night.


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