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Restaurants and bars in Odessa

Odessa cuisine is cosmopolitan. You can find a decent variety of restaurants in Odessa: Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, American, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, French, and vegetarian. Food in Odessa restaurants is mediocre due to the lack of quality ingredients and limited skills of Odessa' chefs. Odessa restaurants are not suitable for weight watchers: the food is hearty and fatty.

Fashionable restaurants in Odessa are overpriced: dinner cost around $25-50. There are many inexpensive small restaurants in Odessa with good food where a dinner cost below $10. There are fast food options in Odessa, from ubiquitous McDonalds Ukrainian fast food chains; the food there isn't bad. It is not advisable to buy shawarma, sandwiches, etc from street vendors in Odessa as the quality of meat is often substandard. Odessa has many supermarkets which sell cooked foods.

In Odessa restaurants, expect to pay $25-50 for a bottle of ordinary imported wine. Ukrainian and Moldavian wines are of inferior quality, but cheap. Vodka and brandy (called Cognac by locals) are popular and inexpensive in Odessa, around $5-10 per 0.5 liter bottle. Martini vermouth and knockoff Odessa Champagne ($6 per bottle) are popular among Odessa women. Beer is very popular in Odessa. Ukrainian beer is quite good, as international companies own most breweries. Several brands of beer are brewed in Odessa, but the quality is lackluster.

Don't try drinking alcohol on par with locals. It is common in Odessa to drink a bottle or more of vodka at a time.

Don't drink tap water in Odessa.


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