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Odessa beaches

Operating late May through early September, Odessa beaches are poor compared to Greece or Turkey. Marine life on Odessa's side of Black Sea is scarce and not worth diving or snorkeling. Jellyfish is persistent in Odessa, sometimes in huge numbers. Sea at Odessa's beaches is very dirty and overcrowded; the sea somewhat improves outside of Odessa. Beaches in Odessa are dirty, and Odessa beach operators often cover the sand with plastic chairs to make visitors pay. Even so, tent umbrellas are few on Odessa beaches, plastic chairs cheap and inconvenient, and mattresses slim and dirty.

Beach services in Odessa are limited and overpriced. Food sold at Odessa beaches is of inferior quality and often outright dangerous. Eat only in decently looking cafes, and even there cautiously. Few water attractions in Odessa are available at Western European prices: e.g., jet skis are $1-2 per minute. Water skiing and paragliding are rare in Odessa. Yacht rental in Odessa is more expensive than in Greece or Turkey.

The new municipal policy bans driving in the beach area of Odessa. Still, cars of Odessa police and well-connected municipal employees, as well as bikers abound in the beach area, so walk carefully. Walking uphill from a beach under biting sun is not a task for faint-hearted.

One good thing about Odessa beaches is the number of gorgeous ladies there. Some are topless (that includes underage girls) while the most are in G-strings. There are nude beaches in Odessa, but don't expect many ladies there. It is acceptable to approach a lady or two sunbathing on Odessa beach. A beer or ice cream will increase your chances of getting a date.

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