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Why apartment rent in Odessa is bad idea

Apartment rent in Odessa makes little sense. Landlords rent out the cheapest apartments. While the rental apartments in Odessa are somewhat renovated, the houses often remain in dismal condition and quite dirty and dangerous. Neighbors dislike ever-changing and noisy residents of rental apartments, and often call police to check their IDs. Apartments for rent in Odessa lack uninterrupted water and electricity supply, as well as round-the-clock housekeeping in the event of equipment failure. Repairs in the apartments for rent are unavailable on weekends. We have many people checking in our hotel complaining of failures in bathroom facilities in the apartments they have rented. Apartment rental brokers in Odessa receive only a few dollars commission and are not eager to help their customers, especially at night. The worst thing about apartment rental in Odessa is loss of keys, a common occurrence in Odessa's crowd. Replacing rental apartment's key at night is impossible, and if tourist loses money as well, he cannot check into a hotel.

Zirka Apartment Hotel offers low monthly room rent: $390 Economy, $600 Tourist room.

That's a 50% discount off the hotel's already low prices and an attractive alternative to apartment rent in Odessa!

You can rent an apartment in Odessa from Zirka Hotel. All our rental apartments are located near the hotel, which allows for round-the-clock check-in-check-out and service in the apartments for rent. The apartments are rented out on daily or weekly basis. Both cash and credit cards are accepted for paying the apartment rent.
A sample apartment for rent: 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom (120 square meters or 1,300 square feet) rental apartment at Tolstoy street (Odessa downtown, 5 blocks from Deribasovskaya St.) with huge kitchen. The rental apartment is remodeled with uninterrupted water supply, autonomous heater, and marble fireplace. Rent this super-penthouse three stories high for $120 per night only!
One-bedroom, one living room apartment for rent (60 square meters, 650 square feet) at Lanzheronosvkaya St (Odessa downtown, one block from Derbibasovskaya St). The apartment for rent is recently renovated. Rent this comfy apartment in the unbeatable location for $80 per night only!

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