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Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine



Zirka Hotel pioneers the concept of quality economy accommodation in Odessa, Ukraine. The hotel offers every necessary amenity, very clean and comfortable. Zirka Hotel is not luxury: the reception is moderately sized, bathrooms don't have marble finishings, and there is no leather furniture.

Unusually low rates in Zirka Hotel are related to rational planning of the hotel business. In contrast to Odessa's expensive hotels, Zirka Hotel doesn't provide room service. Zirka Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine uses inexpensive functional and comfortable furniture. Moderately sized, but comfortable and perfectly airconditioned hotel rooms save floor space and allow the hotel's guests to enjoy the lowest room rates among the comparable hotels in Odessa. Zirka Hotel, while not luxurious, offers comfortable stay in Odessa city centre at rock bottom rates.

To maximize comfort and security of our guests, there is no restaurant or disco in the hotel, though there are plenty nearby at every corner of Odessa. The nearest restaurant is located twenty meters from the hotel, and there are at least two dozen variously priced cafes and restautants close to the hotel.

Zirka (Star) hotel is located in the center of Odessa in a quiet area one block from main streets. Your safe and comfortable stay in the hotel is our staff's top priority.

Zirka Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine was built in 2007 by award-winning architect Alexander Dmitrievsky employing the best available technologies which give the hotel an edge over other hotels in Odessa. The hotel is fully climate-controlled rather than merely airconditioned, so that you always breathe fresh air. The hotel's newest fire alarm system assures your safe stay in Odessa. Efficient use of hotel's space allows us to offer you the lowest room rates in Odessa.


Zirka Hotel 70 Uspenskaya St Odessa Ukraine
Hotel phone (Odessa Ukraine): (38) 048 7000343, 063 6291529
Hotel fax (Odessa Ukraine): (38) 048 7000343

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