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Conference Hotel in Odessa

Inexpensive hotels rarely offer great conference facilities. Zirka Conference Hotel in Odessa solved the problem of inexpensive conference facilities by partnering with an excellent office center nearby. Guests of Zirka Hotel can avail themselves of the conference rooms in the nearby business center. The business center offers conference and meeting rooms from 20 to 250 square meters (220 to 2,800 sq ft). Conference organizers can rent audio-visual equipment or bring their own. The business center is located exactly in the center of Odessa, one block from Deribasovskaya St, and is an excellent place for business meetings and conferences. The business center provides free parking for conference participants, and is located within walking distance to every tourist attraction in Odessa. There are plenty of restaurants nearby happy to cater to business meetings and conferences. The are banquet facilities, as well.

Zirka Hotel negotiated astonishingly low rates for meeting and conference facilities for its guests. In off-season, the conference facilities are completely free: you only pay for equipment rental, if you need any. Stay in Zirka Hotel and enjoy conference abd meeting facilities in the most prestiguous location in Odessa!


Отель «Зирка-2»
г. Одесса, ул.Кузнечная 59.
Телефон: (38) 048 700 - 03 - 43,
Факс: (38) 048 700 - 03 - 43.

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