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Group booking of Zirka Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine

Most hotel booking systems don't allow for group bookings outside the United States. Global reservation systems allow for single-room bookings in hotels, while special arrangements with Internet reservation sites like provide for up to ten-room reservations. That's not a sufficient group booking capacity for for most groups. Accordingly, organizers of tours, conferences and other mass events have to rely on manual booking for group reservations.

Zirka Hotel allows group booking for up to 420 people, which satisfies most of the group booking needs. Located in the downtown Odessa, Zirka Hotel is an exceedingly convenient place for group events. Most rooms in Zirka Hotel can be converted between double and bunk beds to increase the hotel capacity for group bookings and offer inexpensive accommodation to tourists and various groups.

The hotel room rates start from $15 per person only with bunk beds, including breakfast. Higher priced rooms are also available in Zirka Hotel.

Zirka Hotel is your best choice for group bookings in Odessa, Ukraine!


«Zirka-2» Hotel
Kuznechnaya street 59, Odessa Ukraine.
Phone: (38) 048 700 - 03 - 43.

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